About Us

We all love to sit back and reminisce about the old times, our old friends, our old games, and our precious old collectibles. But most importantly, those awesome unique toys and our favorite cartoons we use to rush home to see. Everyone has those childhood memories when we would love to sit back and binge-watch our favorite shows and the toys we wish we can hold in our hands again! Well, The New Era Collectibles is ready to grant you those wishes! We are ready to bring back that nostalgia !

The New Era Collectibles was founded in sunny South Florida in 2020 with one goal to bring back nostalgia from the moment you walk in our doors ! Our name came from our two boys Ethan Ryan & Evan Ray. For years now, my wife and I have gone on long rides from city to city looking for all types of unique collectibles to add to our personal collection, and now we share the same passion with our boys. With so much to enjoy, there no reason why we should not share with all of you, so our goal is to bring you nostalgia right to your door with our unique and rare collectibles for some unique prices! So, come on in and join our family

-The New Era Collectibles Family